Ferrum’s Comedic Improv Club




By James Wilson

Ferrum College has had an improvisation club for about six years. They had their first show this year on Tuesday, Oct. 15. The improvisation club produces comedy skits consisting of games and different humorous activities. One of these activities involves a member impersonating a certain celebrity whose name is displayed on-screen while another member, sitting with his or her back to the screen, has to guess who the celebrity is based on the impersonation. This seemed to go over well with the crowd as they laughed, and occasionally booed, at a member with a subpar impersonation. The club’s skits were well made and they did a great job at getting the crowd involved. They would go out into the crowd and ask people for different topics to incorporate into a skit.

The club would also have competitions and ask the crowd to cheer for the best group. One activity involves performers breaking up into two teams that are assigned with a prop to use in creative, comedic ways. At the end of this activity, the crowd cheers for the team they felt did the best. This garnered huge participation with everyone in the crowd cheering for one side or the other. This kept people interested, so there weren’t many dry spots of uncomfortable awkwardness.

The president of the improv team, Tajon “TJ” Olmo, kept the show moving by acting as the floor general. He directed the show and would tell people when to speak. He paced back and forth quickly as he placed props and asked crowd members what words to use for certain activities. He had a huge booming voice which made it impossible to not hear him. Although he was the leader, Tajon, short and thin, was often the target of jokes. Many of the performers made fun of his height by using the props in creative ways. This energized the crowd as it would start a comedic battle between Tajon and one of the club members. He had such vivacity that it seemed to be contagious.

When asked what the club had planned for this upcoming year, Tajon told me they have a sketch comedy fundraiser called “Ferrum Fridays” coming up. Tajon said that there are no restrictions and that anyone can join, but they will have to audition and be accepted. Tajon also teaches an improvisation class on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m., so the class is a good alternative for those who aren’t sure about joining the club. The improvisation club has practices every Tuesday and Thursday at eight o’clock.

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