Movie Review: IT


by Patrick Duggan It can’t be easy to make a serious movie about an evil, superpowered clown who kills children. The 1990 mini-series rendition of It, Stephen King’s iconic novel, caved under the pressure. If not for Tim Curry’s legendary performance as the title character, I doubt the story would have made it to reboot. […]

CommUnity DJ Battle: Mexico v. Japan

Keith Ricks (junior) and Joey Martin (senior) helped organize the DJ battle to help spread cultural awareness.

By Hunter Ferguson In a world where killing is making the news almost daily, the need for cultural compromise and interaction is becoming increasingly important. CommUnity is Ferrum’s theme this year. It was selected as the theme to promote people with different cultures, races and backgrounds to come together as a community to inform and […]

Ferrum’s Comedic Improv Club


  By James Wilson Ferrum College has had an improvisation club for about six years. They had their first show this year on Tuesday, Oct. 15. The improvisation club produces comedy skits consisting of games and different humorous activities. One of these activities involves a member impersonating a certain celebrity whose name is displayed on-screen […]